Biden’s Note Crutch Fuels Doubts Over Mental Acuity for 2024

President Joe Biden’s latest reliance on prepared notes for answering pre-screened questions from donors has sparked significant concern about his age and mental fitness. In closed-door fundraisers, the octogenarian president has been spotted consulting notes even for questions he knew were coming, igniting fears about his ability to handle the rigors of a potential 2024 presidential campaign. The worry even extends to potential debates with former President Donald Trump, who is 77 years old.

The use of scripted prompts has already led to public blunders for Biden, such as when he read “end-of-message” during a eulogy for the late Bob Dole and struggled to read off a teleprompter during a 2020 speech in Pittsburgh, PA. In another instance, during an unscripted visit to a farmer’s market, Biden pulled out notes from his jacket pocket to respond to a question about a Russian hack. It’s clear that Biden relies heavily on notes to navigate various public appearances, raising doubts about his ability to perform without scripted assistance.

According to an Axios report, Biden’s use of notecards is partly due to his detail-oriented staff’s desire to ensure successful fundraisers. However, the report also highlights Biden’s demanding and frequently profane nature in meetings, indicating that his reliance on prepared notes may be more about his abilities than his staff’s meticulousness. As a former senator for 36 years and vice president for eight years, Biden is accustomed to being extensively prepped for meetings, and he is known for being difficult to please in these briefings.

The concern about Biden’s reliance on notes is not just about a lack of spontaneity, but it also raises serious questions about his cognitive capabilities. With ongoing scrutiny and public gaffes, including struggling to answer basic questions without scripted assistance, the doubts about Biden’s fitness for office are only growing among conservative circles. It remains to be seen how this reliance on prompts will impact his future public appearances and political endeavors.

President Joe Biden’s heavy reliance on pre-prepared notes to navigate various public appearances and respond to questions is creating substantial doubts about his cognitive abilities and suitability for a potential 2024 presidential campaign. His tendency to consult notes even for questions he knows are coming has raised concerns that he may not have the mental acuity to effectively serve as president. As he continues to rely on scripted prompts, the scrutiny and doubt surrounding his fitness for office are only intensifying within conservative circles.

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