AOC Claims Border Crisis Hoax, Pushes Candy-Like Visas: Real World vs Her Delusion

Let’s talk about the “beloved” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, affectionately known to her fans as AOC. This outspoken Democrat recently went on MSNBC to declare that the border crisis is a big fat hoax. According to her, all those videos of people pouring across the border, the overcrowded detention centers, and the overwhelmed border patrol agents are just figments of our imagination – or so she would have you believe.

In her infinite wisdom, AOC labeled Republicans who are concerned about the border crisis as “xenophobic.” Yes, because wanting secure borders and orderly immigration processes is definitely something only a bigot would care about, right? She even accused Republicans of sabotaging the economy by wanting to enforce border security. Because clearly, unchecked illegal immigration is a surefire way to boost the economy and make everyone’s lives better, right? Wrong.

AOC’s solution to the so-called crisis? Just let everyone in with open arms! Hand out visas and passports like they’re candy on Halloween! Who cares about legal processes, national security, or the well-being of American citizens? As long as everyone feels warm and fuzzy inside, who needs rules or regulations, right? If everyone’s a citizen, then nobody’s illegal, right? No, AOC, wrong again.

If AOC had her way, we’d all be singing “Kumbaya” while the economy crashed and burned around us. Maybe she and her friends can enjoy their $50 minimum wage in their delusional socialist utopia, while the rest of us struggle to buy a gallon of milk without taking out a second mortgage. But hey, at least we’ll have plenty of company with the influx of illegal immigrants flocking to our shores, right? Wrong. Very wrong.

So, while AOC peddles her fairy tales about rainbows and unicorns at the border, the rest of us will continue to fight for common sense, rule of law, and a secure, prosperous future for America. Because unlike AOC, we live in the real world, where consequences matter, and actions have repercussions. Keep dreaming, AOC, but don’t be surprised when reality comes knocking on your door.

Written by Staff Reports

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