Kid Rock Ends Bud Battle; Trump Nods to Beer Brand!

The country superstar Kid Rock is back to cracking open cold Bud Light after a change of heart following a heart-to-heart with the big boss at Anheuser-Busch. You might remember him from last year when he made headlines by posting a video of himself blasting cases of Bud Light with a machine gun. But now, he’s singing a different tune after a little sit-down with the CEO.

Apparently, Kid Rock invited the big cheese over to his place for a little chat, and the two hit it off like old pals. The singer said, “I’m not someone who holds a grudge his whole life, you know what I mean?” It sounds like they bonded over their mutual love for beer and country music. After their heart-to-heart, Kid Rock feels like Anheuser-Busch “got the message.”

But that’s not the only reason Kid Rock is back to enjoying his Bud Light. He also found a bunch of the brewskies lying around his house and realized he had more than he thought. Case closed!

Some folks are still harping on about boycotting Bud Light, but Kid Rock and his buddy Joe Rogan think those people are “bored” and “losers.” They’re not sweating it, and neither should you. Plus, even former President Donald Trump is on the bandwagon, telling his supporters to give Bud Light “a second chance.” He even mentioned that Anheuser-Busch supports American farmers and employs a whole bunch of folks right here in the U.S. Sounds like a win-win to me!

So, crack open a cold one and chill out, because according to these guys, Bud Light is back on the menu. Cheers to that!

Written by Staff Reports

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