Biden’s ‘Offensive’ Slip: White House Scrambles to Clean Up!

Biden's offensive comment about minority workers is hidden by the White House.

President Joe Biden (D) got into trouble when he implied that black, Hispanic, and veteran workers don't have high school diplomas. This was a classic case of the White House trying to hide a controversial comment. During his speech about the economy at Prince George's Community College in Maryland, something bad happened. Biden said this about unemployment: "This is especially true for African Americans, Hispanics, and veterans who don't have high school diplomas." People on social media were right to criticize and push back on this comment.

But instead of admitting that Biden had said something offensive, the White House chose to change the transcript of his speech. They added the word "and" to make it seem like Biden was also talking about people with high school diplomas. "Especially for African American and Hispanic workers and veterans, you know, and workers without high school diplomas," is now written on the revised transcript. It's a sneaky move that shows how the government is trying to hide Biden's rude comments.

This is not the first time Biden has made a mistake or said something that wasn't true. He said recently that he went to Ground Zero in New York City the day after the terrorist strikes on September 11, 2001. But records show that Biden was in the U.S. Senate on that day and didn't go to Ground Zero until September 20. It's worrying that the president can't keep his facts straight, especially when it comes to big events.

It's hard to understand how Biden keeps getting votes from people of color despite his offensive words. Maybe they don't know how he really feels about them. But as Republicans, we need to bring these things to light and make sure everyone knows the truth. The people of the United States deserve a president who loves and values everyone, no matter what race or background they come from. Biden is obviously not up to that level.

Written by Staff Reports

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