Biden DOJ Jails Pro-Life Heroes, Ignores Left’s Violence

President Joe Biden’s relentless assault on conservatives is ramping up as his Justice Department continues to target pro-life activists. The latest victims of Biden’s war on the unborn are three individuals found guilty for participating in an abortion clinic blockade in Washington, DC. It’s clear that Biden is determined to silence the voices of those who defend the sanctity of life.

Joan Andrews Bell, Jonathan Darnel, and Jean Marshall now find themselves behind bars for bravely standing up against the horrors of late-term abortion. These heroes face the threat of spending up to 11 years in prison, supervised release, and a hefty fine. All for peacefully exercising their right to protest and protect innocent lives.

While the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU), a left-wing pro-life group, attempts to defend the actions of the activists, their cries fall on deaf ears. Biden’s DOJ seems more interested in persecuting those who stand up for the unborn than holding radical pro-abortion groups accountable for their violent actions.

Let’s not forget the menacing messages left by Jane’s Revenge, a radical pro-abortion group, outside a North Carolina pregnancy center. The group’s threatening messages written in red ink were met with deafening silence from Biden’s DOJ. Similarly, the attack and firebombing of a Buffalo, New York, pregnancy center by Antifa went without any consequences.

The message is clear: Biden’s DOJ is selectively targeting conservatives while letting left-wing radicals off the hook. It is a destructive and unfair approach that undermines free speech and disregards the rights of pro-life Americans. This assault on conservatives by the Biden administration must be stopped before more innocent lives are silenced and innocent activists are unjustly stripped of their freedom.

The FACE Act, a tool being used by Biden to persecute those who peacefully protest against abortion clinics, must be repealed immediately. It is an unjust and tyrannical law that infringes on the rights of pro-life Americans. Biden’s actions only serve to embolden the radical left and threaten the future of our country. It is crucial that conservatives stand up against this overreach of power and fight to protect the sanctity of life.

Written by Staff Reports

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