Biden’s Open Border Policies Allow RECORD-BREAKING 6.3 Million Illegals to Flood America

President Joe Biden’s open border policies have resulted in a staggering number of illegal immigrants entering the United States, even though the mainstream media and the administration continue to claim that the border is under control. Customs and Border Protection reported a record-breaking 5,118,661 encounters with illegal immigrants along the southern border since Biden took office in January 2021. Moreover, there have been at least 1.2 million “gotaways,” as illegal immigrants attempt to enter the country unnoticed. This figure represents only the known number of immigrants who actually made it into the country, while the actual number of illegal immigrants who have entered the US remains unknown.

The problem has escalated since Joe Biden took office, with his ineffective immigration and border policies enabling criminal syndicates to prosper, resulting in violent abuse and deaths of illegal immigrants. Terrorists and drug smugglers have also been able to cross the border unchecked, posing a significant threat to the country’s safety and security.

Without effective border policies in place, illegal immigration is becoming a significant issue in America. The total number of illegal immigrants that entered US under Biden’s weak leadership is a shocking 6.3 million, a figure that is even higher than the population of several states in the country including Alabama, Iowa, and Nebraska. It’s also close to the population of countries like Nicaragua and more than half the population of Honduras.

With the expiration of Title 42, scheduled for Thursday night at 11:59 p.m. ET, the situation is only going to get worse. Despite the media finally admitting to the severity of the problem, the Biden administration’s denial of responsibility and abdication of duty have resulted in a border that is effectively open to all, posing a significant threat to the safety and security of Americans.

Written by Staff Reports

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