Biden’s Open Borders Invite Elite Gangs to Prey on Michigan Elite!

The liberal open border policy of President Joe Biden has turned Michigan’s ritzy neighborhoods into a hunting ground for a sophisticated gang of robbers from South America. These brazen criminals have been using jamming devices to disable security systems and cell phone communications, making it easier for them to break into upscale homes without getting caught.

The Oakland County Sheriff, a Republican, has taken a hard stance against this crime wave, pointing the finger directly at Biden’s lax approach to immigration. The sheriff explained that these criminals are making their way into the United States through the Visa Waiver Program or by illegally crossing the border. He emphasized that while everyone should have the opportunity for a better life, those who come to the U.S. to victimize its citizens are not welcome.

But it’s not just the burglaries that are cause for concern. The jamming devices used by these criminals can disrupt cell phone service in the area, creating a serious safety risk for residents. Sheriff Bouchard advised homeowners to have a backup means of communication that doesn’t rely on Wi-Fi and to contact law enforcement if they experience a sudden loss of cell phone service.

The influx of criminal activity from abroad adds another dimension to the already overwhelming immigration crisis. While most people associate this crisis with issues like sex trafficking and drug cartel violence, the invasion of highly trained foreign burglars is a frightening new reality that Americans will have to adapt to. This dangerous threat hitting so close to home is a stark reminder of the urgent need for stronger border security and immigration policies.

It’s time for Americans to recognize the grave consequences of Biden’s immigration failures and demand a change before it’s too late. The safety and security of our communities depend on it.

Written by Staff Reports

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