Biden’s Policies Linked to Record Surge in US Foreign-Born Population

The United States is experiencing a significant increase in the foreign-born population, with 15.6% of the population now being foreign-born. A recent analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies has shown that President Biden’s open border policies are contributing to this surge, with the foreign-born population reaching 51.6 million in March 2024. This represents a 5.1 million increase from March 2022, the largest two-year increase ever recorded in American history.

Almost 60% of this increase is a result of illegal immigration. Furthermore, it has been revealed that less than half of those who crossed the border over the past two years have jobs, meaning that taxpayers may be shouldering the financial burden of supporting them in the country. The report states, “Only about 8% of the 2.5 million new arrivals who are not working say they are actively looking for work,” indicating a potential strain on the welfare system.

The Center for Immigration Studies’ findings have led to concern about the ability of the United States to successfully incorporate and assimilate all the immigrants already here, as well as the potential impact of millions more immigrants in the future. With the current scale of immigration being without precedent in the nation’s history, the report raises fundamental questions about the long-term implications of this growing population.

The foreign-born population has increased by 6.6 million since President Biden took office in January 2021, and nearly 58% of this increase is attributed to illegal immigration. The analysis also shows that many newly arrived immigrants are not employed, and a significant portion of them are children, elderly, disabled, caregivers, or otherwise unable or uninterested in working.

Overall, the surge in the foreign-born population, driven by illegal immigration, has raised concerns about the economic and social implications for the United States. These findings underscore the need for effective immigration policies and enforcement measures to address this unprecedented challenge.

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