Biden’s Poll Claims Debunked as Trump Gains Lead in Latest National Surveys

In a recent analysis by CNN’s Harry Enten, Biden’s claims about the 2020 media projections have been debunked, highlighting his current precarious position in the polls. Despite Biden’s assertions that the polls underestimated him in the past, Enten pointed out that in reality, the polls actually overestimated him back in 2020, showing him up by nine points at the same stage.

Now, fast forward to the present, and Biden finds himself trailing former President Donald Trump by three points in national surveys, marking his worst poll position ever against Trump. Enten emphasized how historically, the polls have tended to underestimate Republican performance, particularly in presidential races, placing Biden in a challenging spot as Trump leads in the national popular vote count, a rarity in recent times.

With Biden’s rhetoric about media projections falling flat and his dwindling poll numbers, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that he’s in deep trouble. While Biden attempts to deflect and defend his standing, the stark reality painted by the latest polls and analysis suggests that his delusions about his political strength are just that – delusions. As Trump and the Republicans continue to outperform expectations, Biden’s narrative crumbles under the weight of electoral realities.

Written by Staff Reports

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