Biden’s Popularity Dips as Dems Revolt in Primaries

President Joe Biden faced a tough battle in the Wisconsin primary as voters, fed up with his mishandling of the Gaza conflict, turned to “uncommitted” and other mysterious ballot options. It’s no surprise that his support of Israel after the Hamas attack didn’t sit well with many pro-Palestinian activists. Seems like those Democrats just can’t catch a break these days!

In Wisconsin, a whopping 9.3% of voters went with the “uninstructed” option, while Rhode Island and Connecticut saw 14.9% and 11.2% supporting the “uncommitted” choice, respectively. Looks like Biden’s policies are about as popular as a skunk at a perfume factory!

The protests didn’t stop there. New York liberals decided to go one step further and encouraged voters to “leave it blank.” Talk about sending a clear message – or maybe just being too lazy to make a decision. Either way, it’s another slap in the face for ol’ Joe.

It’s not just Wisconsin and New York giving Biden a hard time. Michigan kicked things off with over 100,000 voters choosing “uncommitted,” making up 13.2% of the share. Seems like Democrats across the country are finally waking up to Biden’s failures and are starting to speak out.

And let’s not forget the Listen to Michigan campaign and Abandon Biden group, leading the charge against the President in battleground states. From Michigan to Georgia, Pennsylvania to Arizona, these groups are making sure Biden knows he’s on thin ice with voters.

As more and more primary votes roll in, Biden better brace himself for more backlash. With groups like Abandon Biden pushing for “No Joe” write-ins and New Jersey aiming to get “uncommitted” on the ballot, it’s clear that the President’s approval ratings are sinking faster than the Titanic.

It’s no wonder Biden’s campaign didn’t have much to say when asked for comment. When your own party starts turning against you, it’s probably best to just keep quiet and hope for the best. Looks like it’s going to be a bumpy ride for Sleepy Joe in the upcoming primaries!

Written by Staff Reports

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