Biden’s Raging Tantrums: Proof of Engagement or Mental Decline?

It appears that Joe Biden’s temper tantrums and foul language are making the news once again. In the span of just two weeks, we have been bombarded with multiple stories about how Biden can’t seem to control his anger, frequently cursing at his staff and hurling derogatory names at his political allies behind closed doors. Now, under normal circumstances, this wouldn’t be a big deal. We all curse from time to time, especially when we’re in a position of power like Biden. But these recent leaks have some people speculating that this is all part of a coordinated effort by the White House to make Biden appear engaged and active, despite his apparent memory problems.

It’s not hard to see why some people might believe this theory. After all, the stories about Biden’s outbursts and profanity all seemed to come out right after the release of the Special Counsel, Robert Hur’s report that mentioned Biden’s memory problems. Puck News reporter Tara Palmeri even suggested that Biden’s team might be using these leaks to show that he’s still “engaged and fighting.” But let’s be real here, routinely cursing out and belittling your staff is not a sign of being engaged or a fighter. It’s a sign that you’ve lost control and are relying too heavily on your staff. And let’s not forget that Hur’s report raised serious concerns about Biden’s poor memory. These leaks may just end up reminding voters exactly why they have concerns about Biden’s age and mental acuity.

But what really gets me is the audacity of Team Biden to insult our intelligence like this. They expect us to believe that Biden is sharp and focused behind the scenes, even though we see him stumble and struggle to put coherent sentences together whenever he’s in front of a camera? Give me a break. The American people are not stupid. We know when we’re being lied to, and this blatant attempt to manipulate public perception is just insulting. It may work on some people, but I have faith that most voters will see through this charade come election time.

In the end, the only person to blame for all of this is Joe Biden himself. His uncontrollable temper and inability to remember simple facts have once again become the elephant in the room. And no amount of leaks or PR stunts can hide the truth. Voters will remember why Hur made those remarks in his report, and they will have to decide if they want a president who can’t keep his cool and can’t remember important details. Personally, I think we deserve better than that. We deserve a leader who is sharp, focused, and in control. Unfortunately, Joe Biden is not that leader.

Written by Staff Reports

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