Biden’s Red Tape Turns Bridge Fix into Five-Year Fiasco!

The collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge near Baltimore, Maryland, has turned into a mess thanks to pesky environmental red tape under the Biden administration. The bridge went kaput when a container ship decided it wanted to practice bowling with cars and workers in the Patapsco River. Now, instead of just fixing the darn thing and getting traffic moving again, experts are warning that all this government nonsense could stretch the rebuild process into a whopping five years.

Let’s face it, folks, the liberal environmental zealots are always getting in the way of progress. They care more about the oyster population and bird breeding grounds than they do about the hard-working Americans stuck in traffic because of a broken bridge. And who’s left holding the bill for this circus? You guessed it, the taxpayers. Biden may toss a few million here and there, but that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to the estimated $500 million to $1 billion it might take to get this bridge back up.

To make matters worse, the Biden administration has expanded these ridiculous environmental review processes, making them even longer and more complicated. They want to roll back changes that Trump made to speed things up, all in the name of tree hugging and bird watching. It’s no wonder infrastructure projects take forever and a day to finish when Big Brother is breathing down everyone’s neck with red tape.

If these environmentalists and bureaucrats keep throwing roadblocks in the way, who knows how long it’ll take to see cars rolling over the Francis Scott Key Bridge again. And let’s not forget, when the government gets involved, you can bet your bottom dollar that costs will skyrocket. It’s a classic case of big government making a mess of things that should be simple.

So hold on tight, Baltimore, because if the Biden administration doesn’t get its act together and cut the red tape, we might all be flying hovercars by the time the new bridge finally opens.

Written by Staff Reports

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