Biden’s SCOTUS Pick an Illegal Immigrant? Hilarious Prank Exposes Left’s Wishes!

Ah, April Fool’s Day, a time for jokes, pranks, and all-around silliness! It’s like Halloween but without the candy. Who doesn’t love a good laugh, right? Unless you’re a liberal, then you probably just want to cancel April 1st altogether. But hey, we all know that humor is best when it hits a little close to home. The Washington Free Beacon really nailed it with their hilarious prank that had many conservatives wondering if it was actually true.

According to the Beacon’s spoof, President Biden supposedly announced that his next Supreme Court nominee would be an illegal immigrant. I mean, sorry, “undocumented.” In the world of diversity and inclusion, I guess citizenship status doesn’t matter anymore as long as you check some other box, right? It’s so funny because it’s just a tad too close to reality, given Biden’s track record of prioritizing illegal immigrants over American citizens.

Let’s not forget the ongoing border crisis where illegal immigrants are welcomed with open arms, freebies galore, and even luxury hotel stays while hard-working Americans struggle to make ends meet. If Biden can roll out the red carpet for folks breaking the law, why not let them have a seat on the highest court in the land, right? After all, who needs qualifications when you have a good sob story.

And let’s not ignore the left’s long-standing dream of packing the Supreme Court whenever they don’t get their way. Adding more justices seems to be their go-to move whenever the Court doesn’t rule in their favor. It’s like a sore loser throwing a tantrum but with serious consequences for the balance of power in our country.

Kudos to the Washington Free Beacon for their April Fool’s Day masterpiece. While they had conservatives chuckling, I’m sure the leftists were silently wishing it was true. Well, here’s a joke for you: How many liberal policies does it take to ruin a country? Just one, and they’re working on it! Cheers to more laughs and eye-rolls in the world of politics.

Written by Staff Reports

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