Biden’s Shady Biz: White House Laughs Off Legal Push

The White House is not taking the accusation of shady business dealings by the Biden family lying down! They have come out swinging, with lawyer Ian Sams responding to a request for Joe Biden to testify with a dismissive “LOL.” Talk about sass! Turley, a legal expert, is not having any of it. He called out the White House for their lack of respect for Congress and their attempts to stonewall the investigation.

It’s clear as day that there’s some fishy behavior going on with the Biden family. Despite years of denying involvement in his son’s business deals, evidence has surfaced proving the contrary. But instead of owning up to it, the Biden team is doubling down on their denials. Turley finds this behavior shocking, but not surprising considering the protectors around Biden are willing to go to great lengths to shield him from accountability.

The biased media is also complicit in this cover-up. They conveniently ignore Biden’s mental decline and are quick to dismiss any accusations of corruption against him. The burden of proof has unfairly shifted to those calling out Biden’s wrongdoing, while the media and Democrats play defense for him. It’s like they’re in cahoots to sweep this whole mess under the rug!

Republicans, on the other hand, are not backing down. They see the red flags in the Biden family’s finances and suspect crimes like money laundering. Despite facing an uphill battle with a Democrat-controlled Senate, Republicans are not shying away from holding Biden accountable. It’s about time someone stands up to the elite protecting their own, and the Republicans are taking on the challenge no matter the odds.

Written by Staff Reports

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