Biden’s Shocking Assault on New Mexico’s Mining and Drilling Rights!

President Joe Biden’s latest move in his relentless attack on American energy is to restrict access to natural resources in New Mexico. This means that instead of relying on our own resources, we will have to depend on other countries, some of which have terrible labor policies, for the resources we need. It’s a dangerous path that threatens our economy and national security.

Biden’s energy policy, which he claims is aimed at lowering gas prices, is actually making them higher. He wants to scare drivers away from gas cars and into electric vehicles, but this will only make us more dependent on foreign oil and give OPEC more control over oil prices. We need a new administration that will unleash the oil industry and bring down prices.

But it’s not just OPEC that will benefit from Biden’s restrictions. China, our biggest geopolitical rival, will also gain power and wealth as we become more dependent on their resources. This is a clear example of Biden putting China’s interests ahead of America’s.

Biden’s proposal to ban mining and oil drilling in New Mexico is short-sighted and will harm Americans for decades to come. It will also increase our reliance on foreign countries, particularly China, for resources we could produce ourselves. This is not a responsible or sensible energy policy.

To make matters worse, Biden has signed agreements with countries in Africa where forced and child labor is prevalent. This means that as he cuts off U.S. projects, we will have to rely even more on abhorrent work environments. It’s a betrayal of American workers and a surrender to radical political demands.

It’s time for a new administration that will prioritize American energy security and independence. We need leaders who will unleash our resources and protect our economy and national security. Biden’s energy policy is a disaster that will only make us more dependent on our enemies.

Written by Staff Reports

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