Biden’s Shocking Response When Pressed On China Ties

President Joe Biden recently faced questions about his family’s shady business dealings in China during a press conference about UFOs and a Chinese spy balloon that was shot down. When questioned about whether his family’s business ties in China had any influence on him, Biden’s response was, “Give me a break, man.” Although he did not directly refute the question. This is the second instance in the past few weeks where Biden has been interrogated regarding his family’s commercial transactions, which are presently under scrutiny by House Republicans.

Since Republicans regained control of the House, particularly the Oversight and Judiciary Committees, the mainstream media has been posing more inquiries about the business transactions of the Biden family. The House Republicans have demanded access to the bank records and communications of Hunter and James Biden to investigate whether Joe Biden is susceptible to compromise. According to Representative Comer (R-KY), the Biden family has earned no less than “tens of millions of dollars” from numerous business agreements spanning a minimum of 12 distinct countries over the years, even when Joe Biden served as vice president.

There is substantial evidence of Hunter’s business dealings, including an email found on his laptop that proposed the sharing of equity in a company built for a joint venture with CEFC China Energy Co. and members of the Chinese Communist Party. The email made a reference to “the big guy,” which Bobulinski authenticated as a mention of Joe Biden. Joe Biden’s brothers, James Biden and Frank Biden, have also been engaged in soliciting favors. While his brother was president, Frank Biden acknowledged his involvement in such practices. In addition, it was reported that James Biden secretly negotiated a $140 million settlement agreement in 2012 between a US firm and the Saudi Arabian government due to his association with then-Vice President Joe Biden.

The implications of these investigations are far-reaching and could potentially have long-term effects on the Biden family’s reputation and the nation as a whole. If it is determined that Joe Biden is indeed compromised by his family’s business relations in China, it could lead to stricter ethics laws and increased disclosure laws for family members doing business overseas with US advisories while they have a relative that serves in the White House.

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