Biden’s Slip Uplifted: NBC Reporter Crowns him ‘Global President’!

In yet another stunning display of delusional thinking, NBC’s Peter Alexander has suggested that Joe Biden should be upgraded from President of the United States to President of the World. Is Alexander completely oblivious to the fact that Biden’s mental faculties have been deteriorating for months? Or is he just regurgitating talking points fed to him by Biden’s team? Either way, it’s clear that Alexander is divorced from reality.

In Biden's recent appearance before the United Nations General Assembly, his cognitive limitations were evident for all to see. He left a press conference with the President of Brazil abruptly, delivered incoherent sentences that suggested lack of preparation, and even confessed to disregarding the guidance of unspecified advisors. It's astonishing that Alexander holds high expectations for Biden's performance at the UN when it's apparent to anyone who is observant that he is ill-suited to manage even a small town, let alone oversee global affairs.

At the United Nations, Biden made a fool of himself by declaring that working with China is crucial in accelerating the climate crisis. He then proceeded to butcher the pronunciation of words and infuriate translators with his nonsensical speech patterns. This is the man that Alexander believes should be given the power to lead the world? It’s like trusting a monkey with the TV remote.

But the absurdity doesn’t end there. Biden also forgot the name of Ukraine’s president during a meeting and addressed the wrong caucus in a speech. These are just a few examples of his mental lapses, and yet Alexander thinks he deserves to be President of the World.

In conclusion, it’s clear that Alexander’s assessment of Biden is completely detached from reality. It’s time for him and others in the media to acknowledge the truth: Biden is unfit to lead, and Stacey Abrams would make a far better President of Earth.

Written by Staff Reports

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