Biden’s Team Nukes Vietnam Tweet after Major Oops! Find Out Why

President Joe Biden recently concluded his tour of Asia, where he visited India and Vietnam to strengthen trade ties and engage in other diplomatic endeavors. However, his visit coincided with the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, leaving him unable to participate in any memorial ceremonies stateside. Instead, Biden chose to commemorate the tragic event on a military base in Alaska, which, although unusual, is not surprising given his track record. Unlike past presidents who typically visited the actual sites of the attacks, Biden opted for his own version of paying respects.

In a comical twist, it turns out that Biden’s social media team is just as clueless as he is. During his visit to Vietnam, they mistakenly posted a picture of Biden shaking hands with the wrong person and thanked Vietnam President Võ Văn Thưởng instead of the actual person in the photo, Vuong Dinh Hue, Chairman of the National Assembly. It’s a complete embarrassment for the White House communications team, but who’s surprised? Biden has a long history of gaffes and blunders.

Despite these mishaps, the Associated Press paints a rosy picture of Biden’s trip, highlighting his pursuit of global stability by forming partnerships with “imperfect partners.” It seems that Biden is willing to overlook differences with complicated allies for the sake of stability in various regions. His visit to Vietnam, in particular, focused on business deals and celebrating the elevation of the U.S.-Vietnam relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership. While this may sound good on the surface, conservatives know better than to trust Biden’s judgment when it comes to international affairs.

Overall, Biden’s tour of Asia may be seen as a diplomatic success by some, but it’s clear that his lack of attention to detail and questionable decision-making continue to plague his presidency. As conservatives, we must remain vigilant in holding him accountable and highlighting his shortcomings for the American people to see.

Written by Staff Reports

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