Biden’s Unseen Love Note to Archer Exposed by Tucker Carlson!

During a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, we learned that Joe Biden, the former Vice President and the man who now occupies the White House, wrote a charming thank you letter to Devon Archer, who happens to be Hunter Biden’s best friend in business. What a sweet and innocent gesture from the man who now holds the highest office in the land!

According to Carlson, the letter was written in 2011 and shows a personal touch from then-Vice President Biden. I mean, who wouldn’t want a personalized thank you note from Joe Biden, right? It truly warms the heart.

In the letter, Biden expresses his regret for not being able to talk to Archer in person during a luncheon and hopes to see him again soon. But that’s not all! Biden even adds a personal handwritten note at the bottom, expressing his happiness that “you guys are together.” How sweet is that?

Now, some may argue that there could be a deeper meaning behind Biden’s words. After all, Archer was involved in a business venture with Hunter Biden, and Biden himself acknowledges their partnership in the letter. But let’s not jump to conclusions! This is just another example of biased scrutiny from the liberal media who are always trying to twist the truth.

In the end, this thank you letter may seem like a small gesture, but it reveals something much larger: the cozy relationships between the Biden family and their business partners. It raises questions about whether Hunter Biden’s business dealings were influenced by his family connections. But don’t expect the mainstream media to dig any deeper into this story. They’ll probably just brush it off as another baseless conspiracy theory. Classic

Written by Staff Reports

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