FBI Shakedown: Trump Ally Caputo Demands Overhaul of Broken DOJ

In a recent interview with RedState, Mike Caputo, a confidant of former President Donald Trump and the chief communications officer for Americano Media, expressed his belief that the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are in desperate need of reform. Caputo, who was targeted by the FBI during the 2016 election, called for the “shattering and scattering” of the FBI as part of this reform effort. He criticized the DOJ for its “exaggerated charges” and its attempts to “railroad people that had anything to do with Donald Trump.” Caputo specifically called out the abuse of FISA warrants and unwarranted searches of databases without probable cause.

Caputo also commented on the recent indictment of President Trump, stating that the charges against him were shallow and lacked well-established grounds and overwhelming evidence. He accused the DOJ of trying to disqualify Trump from running for re-election and called for more accountability from the department. Caputo further shared his personal experiences with the FBI, including an attempt to catfish him and Roger Stone by a Russian informant. Caputo believes that this was part of a larger operation by the Justice Department to entrap members of the Trump campaign.

Caputo expressed his disappointment with US Attorney John Durham for not taking action against the FBI and DOJ officials involved in the Russian Collusion Hoax. He also highlighted other examples of DOJ corruption, such as the case of former Congressman Chris Collins, where he claims the department threatened to jail Collins’ son if he didn’t plead guilty to a crime he didn’t commit. Caputo believes that these instances of misconduct and abuse of power demonstrate the urgent need for reform within the DOJ.

In conclusion, Caputo asserts that the Department of Justice is in dire need of the kind of reform that Donald Trump advocated for during his campaign. He argues that the department’s actions, including its targeting of Trump and his associates, are emblematic of a larger problem within the DOJ that needs to be addressed.

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