Biden’s WOTUS Twist: Control Over Freedom, Defying Supreme Court Ruling

The Biden administration has really done it this time! They made a major policy reversal because they just couldn’t handle the Supreme Court’s ruling in Sackett v. Environmental Protection Agency. Those pesky conservatives really know how to ruin the Biden party!

The ruling, which narrowed the definition of Waters of the United States (WOTUS), has clearly struck a nerve with the Biden administration. EPA Administrator Michael Regan, with a heavy heart, issued a statement expressing his disappointment. Poor guy, he must have been so upset that he couldn’t even find his “Save the Planet” bumper sticker to plaster on his Prius.

But don’t worry, folks, because the Biden administration is determined to find a way to keep those regulations flowing like a never-ending stream. They’re going to “finalize amendments” to the WOTUS definition, so they can continue telling Americans what they can and cannot do with their own land. Because clearly, the government knows best, right?

Of course, leave it to Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito to call out the administration’s nonsense. She rightly points out that these changes don’t go nearly far enough. She sees through their empty promises and hollow words. She knows what the Biden administration is really after—more power, more control, and less freedom for hardworking Americans.

And it’s not just Senator Capito who sees through the charade. The Waters Advocacy Coalition, a group representing small businesses, farmers, ranchers, homebuilders, and manufacturers, is also speaking out against the administration’s new policy. They’re not satisfied with the half-hearted attempt to comply with the Supreme Court’s ruling. They see right through the lack of public outreach and transparency. It’s almost like the Biden administration doesn’t care about what the American people think or want. Shocking, I know.

So here we are, once again, witnessing the Biden administration’s attempt to grab power and control at any cost. They claim to care about the environment, but all they really care about is expanding their own authority. It’s just one more example of the left’s never-ending desire to regulate every aspect of our lives. It’s time for Americans to stand up and push back against this relentless onslaught on our freedom and individual rights. We deserve better than a government that cares more about its own agenda than the well-being of its citizens.

Written by Staff Reports

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