Big Brother Biden Targets Patriots – Time to Chat Freely!

President Joe Biden and his cronies are at it again, folks! They’re on a crusade to label everyday Americans as “domestic terrorists,” just for asking questions about what their kids are learning in school or peacefully protesting crooked elections. It’s like something out of George Orwell’s “1984”! And if that doesn’t make your blood boil, they’ve been pushing for a renewal of a law called Section 702, allowing the NSA to snoop on our conversations and collect our data under the guise of fighting terrorism. It’s like the CIA’s shady Project SHAMROCK all over again! And if that wasn’t enough, now they’re going after our banking records, targeting folks who support President Trump and own guns or Bibles. What ever happened to privacy and civil liberties?

 A beacon of hope in this sea of government overreach has emerged: Freedom Chat! This one-of-a-kind messaging app is here to restore our privacy and stick it to the snooping, power-hungry feds. Unlike those other apps that sell your personal info faster than a hotcake at a county fair, Freedom Chat keeps your data under lock and key. They’ve even published a 20-page white paper detailing their security measures, so you know they mean business.


Written by Staff Reports

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