Big Tech Silences PJ Media as Zuckerberg Flaunts Yacht

In a recent turn of events, PJ Media, a conservative news outlet, is facing censorship by Big Tech platforms while Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg indulges in a lavish $300 million mega yacht, contradicting his public stance on climate change. Despite advocating for environmental sustainability, Zuckerberg’s acquisition of a fuel-guzzling yacht and private jet raises eyebrows.

PJ Media, once enjoying a significant presence on Facebook, found itself targeted by corporate fact-checks and stringent policies that curtailed its reach, particularly on topics like the Climate Change™ narrative. This censorship highlights the growing control exerted by Big Tech companies over independent publishers, stifling diversity of thought and expression.

The staggering fuel consumption of mega yachts like Zuckerberg’s raises concerns, with comparisons showing the immense quantity of fuel needed to operate such vessels. The irony of Zuckerberg’s carbon footprint, especially as he attends Climate Change™ conferences preaching austerity to the masses, is not lost on critics.

Moreover, the Climate Change™ agenda, if taken to extremes, could have dire consequences, impacting global living standards and even food supplies. The manipulation of media narratives and censorship of dissenting voices further underscore the ulterior motives behind such agendas, reflecting a push towards population control rather than environmental preservation.

As independent media outlets like PJ Media face increasing censorship and demonetization by tech giants like Google, the need for diverse viewpoints and uncensored journalism becomes ever more apparent. Supporting such outlets is crucial in preserving free speech and uncovering hidden truths that may be overlooked or suppressed by mainstream narratives.

Written by Staff Reports

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