Bill Barr Declares Allegiance to GOP, Warns Against Progressive Threats

Bill Barr, the former Attorney General under the Trump administration, made it clear on Fox News that he’s team Trump all the way. In his interview, he warned about the “excesses of the progressive left,” claiming they are the true threat to our democracy. He didn’t hold back when he called the hush money case outrageous, showing his unwavering support for conservative principles.

When asked about the upcoming 2024 election, Barr didn’t hesitate to pledge his allegiance to the Republican party. He made it known that even if he sees Trump as playing “Russian roulette,” he believes a Biden administration continuation would be “national suicide.” Ouch, sounds intense, but man, does he support his team.

It’s no surprise that Barr is standing firm with the GOP. He made it clear that in his mind, the Republican ticket is the lesser of two evils and he won’t hesitate to pull that lever. With such strong words against the progressive agenda, it’s clear where Barr’s political loyalty lies. So, if you were wondering which side of the political spectrum Barr is on, wonder no more. He’s definitely not a fan of those liberal policies.

Written by Staff Reports

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