BLM Scandal: Activists Charged with Fraud and Misusing $1M in Funds

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is facing yet another scandal as two activists in Boston are hit with fraud charges related to their community-based advocacy group VIB. The couple in question, Monica Cannon-Grant and Clark Grant, were initially charged with 18 federal counts relating to their organization, Violence in Boston, which they established in 2017. VIB partnered with BLM in many events and marches, including the Boston vigil for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery in June 2020.

Despite being a nonprofit organization and raising over $1 million, Cannon-Grant and Grant are said to have used a considerable portion of those funds for personal use. According to the 2022 federal indictment, the couple spent the money on gas, restaurants, nail salon appointments, auto repairs, and ride-share services. In addition to this, there are allegations that the couple lied on a mortgage application and that Cannon-Grant received grant money but spent at least a third of it on her rent.

The situation has worsened for the couple as federal prosecutors have now added nine more charges against them in connection to COVID relief funds. The two are accused of using grant money for personal expenses and allegedly defrauding governmental agencies by misrepresenting their income. For instance, Grant was reported to have been working full-time for a commuter services company since 2018, but this was not accurately represented.

This latest scandal is another blow to BLM’s reputation, which began with Amazon removing the organization from its charity platform last year. The movement has lost all semblance of leadership due to legal scrutiny, with top leaders being accused of sketchy real estate deals, and local leaders being caught for voter fraud.

This situation shows the lengths to which some people will go to misuse public funds under the guise of community-based advocacy. With their actions tarnishing the reputation of BLM and throwing their own criminal activities in the glaring public eye, Cannon-Grant and Grant represent the very worst aspect of advocacy culture.

Written by Staff Reports

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