Treasury Set to Expose Hunter Biden’s Financial Secrets

The House Oversight and Government Accountability Committee’s request to review Suspicious Activities Reports (SARs) regarding Hunter Biden’s bank records has been granted by the Treasury Department after several months of delay. SARs are filed by banks in accordance with federal law when transactions exceeding $10,000 or suspected criminal activity is detected. The committee had initially made the request in January, but the Treasury Department refused to provide the documents, citing a lack of purpose for the request.

According to Chairman James Comer from Kentucky, the Treasury Department has over 150 reports on Hunter Biden, and he has accused the department of altering a rule to prevent minority party members from requesting SARs, thereby limiting Republican investigations into Hunter Biden. As a result, Comer has warned that he may hold a hearing and conduct a transcribed interview with a Treasury official under the threat of perjury in order to compel the department to fulfill at least some of their request.

Hunter Biden received a monthly retainer of $100,000 from Lion Hall Group, a company controlled by his uncle James Biden. Additionally, a $100,000 payment from Chinese billionaire Ye Jianming to Hunter Biden’s law firm, Owasco, was flagged. In August 2022, Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray testified that such substantial payments to “politically-exposed individuals” like Hunter Biden can be a component of “malign foreign influence campaigns” and may involve a mixture of “malign foreign influence” and potential “public corruption.”

The refusal of the Treasury Department to grant access to Hunter Biden’s Suspicious Activities Reports to the House Oversight and Government Accountability Committee indicates an attempt to shield him from investigation. Moreover, the substantial payments made to Hunter Biden from foreign sources may be linked to a “malign foreign influence campaign” and suggest possible public corruption. The public deserves full disclosure on Hunter Biden’s business dealings, and the Treasury Department must provide complete transparency on this issue. The Biden family must be held responsible for their actions, and it is essential for the American people to receive the information they deserve.

Written by Staff Reports

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