BOOM! Musk Fires Back at Liberal Senator Who Threatened Him

In response to Senator Ed Markey's concerns about impersonation on Twitter, Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk noted that the company's new premium service, Twitter Blue, would allow users to get a blue check mark for $8 a month.

In response to Musk's concerns about impersonation on Twitter, Senator Ed Markey demanded an answer from the company by November 25th. After a reporter from the Washington Post was able to use the handle @realedmarkey to inpersonate the Senator with the blue check mark. The Senator inferred that the billionaire was putting profits over people, he asked the company to provide an explanation.Geoffrey Fowler, a reporter for the Washington Post, conducted an impersonation of Blaire Erskine, a comedian, and Sen. Markey to highlight the various vulnerabilities of Twitter Blue.

In response, Musk noted that the senator's account sounded like a parody.

Hilariously, Musk aslso said the mask the senator was wearing in his profile picture also didn't help.

The far-left took issue with Musk's attitude towards the letter sent by Senator Ed Markey. It came after President Biden said that the billionaire's worth was being looked at.

Musk fired back at liberals asking if they were saying the Senator would abuse his political power to come after Musk if he didn't get what he wanted. 

Despite Musk's attempts to respond to Senator Ed Markey, the Massachusetts Democrat still threatened to "fix" his companies.

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