Elon Claps Back At Socialist Senator With Brilliant Response

RedState Reports: Twitter founder Elon Musk tried to let people know that they could get the blue-check mark if they paid for a subscription to the service. The goal of the subscription service was to help Twitter avoid being pressured by advertisers, and it could be an independent platform for all voices.

The sudden appearance of the blue-check mark on Twitter caused a lot of people on the left to get annoyed. They didn't seem to like that people with blue-check marks were the same as everyone else. By clicking on the blue-check mark, you can determine if this person is a blue-check "notable" individual or if they are simply a regular user.

Due to the growing number of complaints about the new feature, Musk decided to put the applications for the blue-check mark on hold. It's believed that the service might be back next week. However, Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts claimed that someone had been impersonating him.

According to the senator, a reporter from the Washington Post was able to create a fake Twitter account that looked like him. He demanded an explanation from the company. He also claimed that Musk was putting profits above people's interests.

In response to the senator, Musk said that it would be hard to meet the deadline he set for the company. He asked for an explanation by November 25, 2002.

It's a bit surprising that Democrats such as Ed Markey suddenly become concerned about the spread of misleading information after Musk took over as the company's CEO. They weren't even worried about the stories about Russia collusion and the Hunter Biden laptop incident.

Musk then responded to the senator by asking why he was wearing a mask. He also wondered if the senator was going to catch COVID using Twitter.

If you combine the statements made by Senator Ed Markey and the threat made by Joe Biden against Elon Musk, then it's clear that the acquisition of Twitter was worth considering. It's also important to note that Democrats would be capable of doing something against someone they consider to be an opponent, even if they can't control them. It was a shocking moment to see leftists suddenly come down with a hammer on Twitter. Musk had something to say about this.

Leftists, such as the Bernie Sanders supporters, are now cool with this idea as long as they can hold their power.

It's good to see that Musk doesn't seem to be afraid to stand up to the criticism. He showed that he has some principles that are in the way of the narrative.

Written by Staff Reports

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