Border Agent Fist-Bumps Illegal Alien: Welcome Invasion!

In a shocking video that has gone viral on the internet, a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agent was recorded exchanging a fist bump with an undocumented immigrant who had recently arrived. It's quite surprising, isn't it, folks? Some contend that our committed border agents seem to be celebrating the arrival of individuals into our nation! It gives the impression that they may be placing a higher value on building rapport with law violators rather than ensuring the security of our homeland.

However, the situation escalates in a more troubling direction. Texas Governor Gregg Abbott, recognized for his practical leadership, has stepped forward to mobilize the Texas National Guard and other law enforcement agencies to erect physical barriers along the border, including the installation of razor wire fencing. At last, decisive measures are being taken to tackle the ongoing influx of migrants entering our nation. Yet, as expected, this action has sparked conflicts with the Biden Administration, which seems more inclined to engage in political maneuvering than to ensure the security of our borders.

In a startling revelation, it has come to light that specific U.S. Customs and Border Patrol personnel were apprehended in the act of cutting openings in border fencing, essentially assisting in the unlawful entry of undocumented immigrants. Can you grasp the sheer audacity of this situation? Instead of upholding the law, these individuals tasked with protecting our borders appear to be actively facilitating unlawful activities. It's almost as if they have received guidance from the Biden Administration, encouraging them to look the other way!

And just when it seemed like the situation couldn't get any worse, the Daily Caller has revealed that Border Patrol agents have once more been found cutting openings in razor wire fencing, this time in the Eagle Pass region. What happened next? Waves of migrants brazenly crossed the border, with some even having the audacity to halt and thank the very agents who allowed their entry. Unbelievable! It's almost like observing a surreal episode of "Border Patrol Gone Wild."

To make matters worse, the count of undocumented immigrants in Border Patrol custody has soared to exceed 22,000. So, what's the grand strategy of the Biden Administration for tackling this crisis? Their plan is to release the overwhelming majority of these individuals into various regions of the United States through their expanded parole program. This is a striking failure of leadership! Instead of prioritizing the protection of American citizens, they are essentially opening the doors wide and offering a warm welcome to those who defy our laws.

Get ready, because things are about to become even more baffling. In the near future, these undocumented immigrants will be issued advanced ID cards containing their personal details along with a barcode. That's correct; you heard it correctly. They will have access to information about their legal proceedings, as if they are entitled to such privileges. It's as though the Biden Administration intends to offer special treatment to those who demonstrate disregard for our laws.

Under the Biden Administration, we have reached an unprecedented low point. Nearly two million undocumented immigrants flow over our southern border each year, setting an all-time record. And who bears responsibility for this complete debacle? Critics rightfully point fingers at the faltering enforcement efforts of ICE and the ill-conceived parole program implemented by the Biden administration.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's imperative that we call for accountability. We need to rise against this state of chaos and firmly advocate for the fortification of our borders. Our devoted border agents merit our backing, rather than fist bumps from those trying to skirt our laws. It's high time we prioritize the interests of America and reestablish law and order along our borders. Let's communicate a resolute message to the Biden Administration that we will not endure their heedless neglect of our national security.

Written by Staff Reports

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