Border Bedlam Boils Over: Speaker Johnson’s Ultimatum to Biden

As the chaos at the border continues to skyrocket, House Speaker Mike Johnson has had it up to here with President Biden’s dilly-dallying. He’s demanding that the president stop twiddling his thumbs and take some serious action to stop the tidal wave of migrants flooding into the country.

Mr. Johnson is convinced that President Biden could solve a lot of these problems on his own, without waiting for those good-for-nothing senators to get their act together. He reckons that if the president just rolled up his sleeves and wielded his executive powers, he could put a serious dent in the incentives that are luring in all these illegal immigrants.

But hold your horses, ’cause it’s not just President Biden and those senators who are to blame for this hot mess. Mr. Johnson is quick to point out that the GOP-controlled House already did their part by passing a major border overhaul over six months ago. But guess what? Those procrastinating Democrats in the Senate have been dragging their feet on it ever since.

In Mr. Johnson’s own words, this wide-open border has led to “unspeakable human tragedy” for both the migrants and our own citizens. He’s got a laundry list of solutions for President Biden, and surprise, surprise, most of them involve bringing back the good ol’ Trump-era policies. He’s talking about nixing that catch-and-release scheme, reviving agreements with other countries to take in asylum-seekers, and getting that border wall construction going again.

In case you didn’t get the memo, when Trump was running the show, the border was as quiet as a mouse. But as soon as Mr. Biden waltzed into town and undid all of that tough talk, it’s been nothing but record-breaking chaos at the border. This week alone saw a new daily record for illegal immigrants making a run for it at the southern border, according to Mr. Johnson.

But wait, there’s more! Mr. Johnson is warning Mr. Biden that he’s in for a rough ride with his national security spending bill. Sure, it’s got money for Ukraine and Israel, but the Republicans aren’t budging unless there are some serious changes to the border situation. And with senators making like a banana and splitting from Washington without sorting out a deal, it looks like Mr. Biden’s in a tight spot.

To add fuel to the fire, Mr. Johnson is pulling no punches when he tells Mr. Biden that he can’t afford to sit around waiting for those senators to come to an agreement. The crisis at the border is too far gone, and something’s gotta give, like, right now. He’s not beating around the bush when he says that the president needs to get his act together and make a move to restore control at the southern border, like yesterday.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more fiery, Mr. Biden’s already feeling the heat from his own party. The immigration activists and Hispanic rights groups are breathing down his neck, warning him not to make a deal that would limit asylum claims. It looks like Mr. Biden’s caught between a rock and a hard place – and Mr. Johnson isn’t about to let him forget it.

Written by Staff Reports

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