Border Towns on High Alert as Title 42 is Lifted, Brace for Surge of Illegal Crossings

As the day of reckoning looms closer, border towns along the US-Mexico border are declaring states of emergency. Legislators foresee major surge of illegal crossings and are poised to face yet another test of the ailing immigration policy.

The possibility of up to 10,000 illegal immigrants traversing across the border every day is causing panic in El Paso, which already has been struggling with a recent influx of illegal immigrants. This explosion in numbers is set to skyrocket after May 11, when Title 42 is finally lifted.

Mayor Oscar Leeser has declared a state of emergency for the community that will start on May 1, a move intended to prepare for the worst. The Mayor has announced his city needs to be ready to welcome these illegal immigrants into their makeshift shelters and also provide buses to them for further transportation to their final destinations.

Similarly, Laredo has also announced a state of emergency, which will remain enforced for seven days or more if the crisis persists. A source from Brownsville in the Rio Grande Valley has intimated that the coastal city is contemplating a declaration of emergency in the coming days if their situation worsens.

One can only wonder why the Democrats are so keen on dismantling sound border policies that protect the nation from the persistent onslaught of illegals who are storming their way across the border. Their handling of the border crisis has been nothing short of pathetic, and this latest move to undo Title 42 is yet another sign of their incompetence.

It is time to take border security seriously and for the Biden administration to make it a priority to defend US borders rather than inviting the world to cross over. The time to act is now before this crisis spirals out of control.

Written by Staff Reports

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