Boston Globe Urges Biden to Step Aside After Lackluster Debate Performance

The Boston Globe has added its two cents to the growing number of mainstream media outlets bellowing for President Joe Biden to step aside following his lackluster debate performance last Thursday. The Globe’s editorial board minced no words in critiquing Biden’s display, attributing his poor showing to nothing more than a case of the sniffles. The board slammed Biden’s team for their feeble attempt to explain away his abysmal debate skills and instead urged for a change in leadership.

While acknowledging the potential turmoil Biden’s exit could create, the editorial board ultimately conceded that the Democratic Party would coalesce behind whoever emerged as the nominee. They pointed to concerns over the Trump administration’s actions and policies as the driving force that would unite the party, emphasizing fears of threats to the rule of law, erosion of abortion rights, and other catastrophic scenarios under a potential Trump re-election.

The board brushed off worries about potential logistical hurdles that could arise from swapping out Biden for another candidate, citing examples of European countries holding short election cycles without issue. They asserted that Biden’s departure is necessary for the party to move forward and recommended party leaders make a concerted effort to convince him to bow out. Should Biden decide to soldier on, the board demanded that he step up his game by engaging in more high-stakes interviews to address concerns head-on.

Despite rumblings that Biden has no intention of dropping out and receiving public support from Democrat governors, the pressure from within the party and the media may intensify. With calls for a change in leadership growing louder, all eyes remain on Biden and the Democratic Party as they navigate the tumultuous road ahead.

Written by Staff Reports

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