BREAKING: Rep. Taylor-Greene Has BOMBSHELL Evidence On The Biden Family

Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has revealed some explosive news about Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden. Greene claims to have “staggering” evidence pointing towards Hunter’s involvement in alleged sex trafficking and prostitution crimes. In an interview with Benny Johnson, Greene disclosed that she has seen reports and bank statements that show a money exchange between Hunter Biden and known prostitutes. It’s been alleged that these women come from Russia and Ukraine, with significant concerns that they might have been held as sex slaves.

Greene expressed her distaste at Hunter’s apparent actions, dubbing him a “purely disgusting, vile human being,” and called for the FBI and DOJ to prosecute him and investigate the crimes presented in the evidence. In more sensational news, Hunter Biden had a meeting with DOJ officials on Wednesday concerning potential charges of tax fraud and firearms; this followed an investigation that lasted four years. The charges, if confirmed, may have serious ramifications for President Biden‘s reelection campaign.

Greene had harsh words for Hunter, lamenting the fact that the nation has a sitting president whose son has committed such heinous acts: “This is such an embarrassment to our nation , it’s an embarrassment to women, it’s an embarrassment for men, because this is not who we are.”

The legal team representing Hunter Biden is headed by Chris Clark. The attorneys recently held a meeting with officials from the DOJ, including David Weiss, who is heading up the federal investigation into Hunter’s tax affairs. Weiss was appointed as the U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware by former President Donald Trump in February 2018.

With all these allegations against Hunter Biden, it begs the question of whether justice will prevail for the women he is alleged to have exploited and abused. It is high time for the FBI and DOJ to step in and carry out a thorough investigation of these alleged rampant crimes without fear or favor. When justice is finally served, the country will be rid of this shameful stain on its good reputation.

Written by Staff Reports

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