Tucker Carlson Considered as Moderator for 2024 Republican Presidential Debate

The Washington Post, one of the liberal media’s propaganda outlets, has reported that Tucker Carlson, the icon of conservative news, is being considered as a moderator for the 2024 alternate Republican presidential debate. This should come as no surprise as Carlson is a brilliant political analyst who is not afraid to ask the hard-hitting questions that Americans want answered. The report alleges that Carlson and former President Donald Trump have had discussions about the idea. Trump has made it known that he does not trust the Republican National Committee’s primary debate schedule and plans to skip one or both of the first Republican debates.

However, there are contractual barriers that stand in the way of Carlson’s dream. Being the loyal and upright professional that he is, Carlson has a contract with Fox News that runs through the end of 2024, which could limit his ability to explore other ventures until then. This would mean losing out on multiple millions of dollars in payouts if he decides to pursue hosting a presidential debate or any other form of hosting elsewhere.

Despite facing these contractual barriers, Carlson has made it clear that he is interested in hosting a forum for 2024 GOP candidates should the opportunity present itself. He is willing to part with millions of dollars to be able to start a new gig sooner rather than wait until the end of his contract with Fox News. Carlson’s ouster from Fox News last week remains shrouded in mystery. The liberal media has only focused on the decline in Fox News’s ratings since Carlson’s exit, further proof that the biased and leftist media cannot handle real conservatives challenging their narrative.

The conservative movement owes a great debt of gratitude to Tucker Carlson. Despite his departure from Fox News, he has continued to be a formidable force in the conservative movement that cannot be silenced. His cryptic video posted on Twitter in late April racked up an impressive nearly 25 million views and over 971,000 likes. The American people are eager for Tucker Carlson’s informed opinions and will continue to follow him wherever he goes.

Written by Staff Reports

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