Breaking: Shots Fired at Trump Tower Chicago by Radical Leftist! Trump Stands Firm Against Desperate Attacks!

Shots have been heard at Trump Tower Chicago in what appears to be yet another attempt by the radical left to smear the reputation of the conservative movement. Reports are coming in from trustworthy sources on Twitter that a woman armed with a rifle entered the building and SWAT teams are working to contain the situation.

The mainstream media is not giving us all the details, but conservative journalists like Benny Johnson and Jack Posobiec are doing their best to keep us informed. Johnson shared a video that allegedly shows the shooter, while Posobiec prayed for the safety of those in the surrounding areas. This is the kind of responsible reporting that we need in these times of crisis.

To pile on top of this madness, former President Donald Trump was arraigned on Tuesday afternoon by the corrupt Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. This move clearly reeks of desperation by the radical left, as they continue to attack our beloved President and his allies.

In the midst of this dire situation, Trump himself delivered a powerful speech, blasting Bragg and his divisive investigation. It is clear that the left will stop at nothing to take down conservatives, but President Trump will not stand down.

We must all stand strong in the face of these attacks, and we call on law enforcement to do their job and bring this woman to justice. Our thoughts and prayers are with those at Trump Tower Chicago and anyone affected by this senseless violence.

Written by Staff Reports

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