Breyer Hints at Dobbs U-Turn, Sets Off Conservative Firestorm

Meet the Press viewers were left in shock as retired Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer hinted at the possible overturning of the Dobbs decision, a move that would again restrict abortion laws to the states’ authority. What was meant to be a peaceful Sunday chat turned into a warzone for conservatives, who view the landmark Roe v. Wade decision as a precious victory for life.

Breyer stirred the pot even further by insinuating that the leak of the Dobbs decision could have been an inside job, shocking the audience with his comments. Could there be a mole among the high and mighty justices of the Supreme Court?

Adding fuel to the fire, Breyer refused to comment on Trump’s immunity claims, leaving conservatives fuming. Breyer has taken a page out of the liberal playbook, dodging inquiries he deems unworthy of his intellect.

As if that wasn’t enough, Breyer is promoting a new book where he proudly proclaims his rejection of textualism and originalist views of the Constitution. Conservatives are up in arms, clutching their pearls at the audacity of this liberal justice. Textualism may be simple, but according to Breyer, it just doesn’t cut it in the real world. 

Justice Breyer’s recent antics have ruffled conservative feathers across the nation, leaving them with a bitter taste in their mouths. His liberal leanings and refusal to bow down to conservative ideologies have set a dangerous precedent for the future of the Supreme Court. 

Written by Staff Reports

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