O’Leary Slams Dem AG Over Trump Property Seizure

Wealthy businessman Kevin O’Leary didn’t hold back in slamming the Democratic attorney general of New York for attempting to seize former President Donald Trump’s property. O’Leary boldly declared, “this is not America,” clearly expressing his disdain for the overreach of government power. He reassured viewers on Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle that sane minds would prevail, emphasizing the need for responsible adults to step in before things went too far.

In a stunning turn of events, O’Leary’s faith in the system was justified when an appeals court intervened to reduce the outrageous $500 million bond demanded by Attorney General James to a more reasonable $170 million. Trump, thankfully, had the funds to cover the reduced amount, temporarily safeguarding his valuable real estate assets while he fights back against the legal onslaught.

O’Leary didn’t mince words when he expressed his relief that the so-called “adults” intervened just in time. He voiced concerns that James’ aggressive actions not only endangered Trump’s property but also tarnished America’s reputation as a global stronghold for business and investment. The business mogul highlighted the fundamental importance of property rights, a cornerstone of the United States’ founding principles that should never be trampled upon.

The judge’s initial hefty penalty against Trump lacked proportionality and fairness, leading to an outcry from business leaders like O’Leary. The exorbitant punishment didn’t sit well with those who value justice and due process. Trump, for his part, rightly celebrated the appeals court’s decision as a smackdown of the overzealous judge’s ruling, which he deemed as absurd and unjust.

The victory in the property seizure case came as a ray of hope for Trump amidst a separate legal battle over hush money, where his request for a delay was denied. Even in the face of continuous legal challenges, Trump remains steadfast in proclaiming his innocence and fighting back against what he perceives as political persecution. The support from O’Leary and others highlights the growing concern over the erosion of individual rights and the rule of law in today’s politically charged environment.

Written by Staff Reports

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