Bruesewitz Blaze: MAGA Maverick Scorches WI-08 GOP Race!

The cheeseheads of Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District are in for a spicy political showdown as current Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) announces his impending retirement. With the race heating up, it seems the district is in store for a crash course in conservative politics as they seek his replacement. The anticipation is palpable as the GOP gears up for a showdown to fill Gallagher’s conservative shoes.

While the cheese was still melting on the national nachos, the flamboyant and fiercely conservative Alex Bruesewitz announced a healthy lead in the race to replace Gallagher in the district. Proving that he’s #WI08’s MAGA savior, Bruesewitz, with the unwavering support of the Trump family, is primed to steamroll his opponents. According to a poll obtained by Breitbart and conducted by Cygnal, Bruesewitz gallops ahead with 36 percent support, leaving his opponents in the conservative dust. State Sen. André Jacque and former state Sen. Roger Roth, both trailing behind, have yet to light a fire under the voters. It is crystal clear that the people of #WI08 are craving the fresh air of a political newcomer over the stale, swampy musk of the career politicians.

With a resounding 64 percent of respondents voicing their preference for a political outsider, it seems Bruesewitz’s status as an unapologetic MAGA outsider is just what the doctor ordered for the district. This political outsider fervor plays right into Bruesewitz’s hands, and he is not afraid to flaunt it. His chest puffs out with pride as he stands tall among the political wildflowers, reminding everyone that the people want a robust leader who will put America first, and that leader is none other than Bruesewitz himself.


Written by Staff Reports

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