BUSTED! Kamala a Hypocrite When it Comes to Climate Change…

Kamala Harris was BUSTED in a disastrous situation after she was caught using a gas guzzling vehicle while preaching about climate change.

The left is currently waging a war against climate change, trying to force as many laws as they can while they're in power.

States are shifting away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power plants. Unfortunately, the infrastructure and technology are not able to handle the demands of the growing population.

When the wind isn't strong enough or the sun goes down, the states have to import power from other regions that have natural gas and coal power plants. This massive amount of energy is causing severe damage to the grid. Despite the lack of renewable energy sources, the ice President is still trying to convince people to sign up for the new energy policies.

On Wednesday, Kamala Harris traveled to New York to deliver a speech about climate change. Her hypocrisy was on full display as she was caught using a gas-guzzling vehicle.

Despite the positive message she's trying to spread about climate change, states are still experiencing issues related to their green energy initiatives.

The environmental justice warriors are incapable of comprehending how their policies are affecting the people they claim to help. For instance, due to the state's mad pursuit of renewable energy, it has asked consumers to limit their electricity usage between 4 and 9 p.m., during times when temperature changes occur.

Despite the positive effects of renewable energy, it's still not ready for the country to fully embrace it. The failure of California's renewable energy program has led to the issues that other states are experiencing. It's time for Kamala Harris to get back on track and start addressing the issues that are affecting the people.

Written by Staff Reports

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