Don Lemon SWEARS He Wasn’t Demoted By CNN

Don Lemon, who formerly hosted the evening news on CNN, claims that the network transferred him to the morning show because it was a "promotion" and that he "was not demoted."

Don Lemon, who currently broadcasts "Don Lemon Tonight," will be one of 3 hosts on a new show that is scheduled to begin airing in late October.

It is the latest network reform implemented by new Chairman and CEO Chris Licht, who, according to reports, has been working to return the network, which leans to the left, to its more mainstream and newsgathering beginnings.

The former host of the media affairs show "Reliable Source," Brian Stelter, who was known for his criticism of former President Donald Trump, was let go earlier this month.

CNN made the announcement on Thursday that Don Lemon, Poppy Harlow, and Kaitlan Collins will be co-hosting a new show together.

On Thursday evening's broadcast of CNN, Lemon stated that he has been given an opportunity at the network that he cannot pass up.  Our new leader is an entrepreneur with a knack for morning talk shows. He also wants a morning program to set the tone for the network's editorial approach each day, and I'm flattered he invited me to host it.

After then, Lemon addressed the rumors that the new job is a step down in status for him.

Lemon responded by adding, For all of people who are out there saying, Oh, he relocated me without my… — he asked me and I said yes.  I had the option of saying No. This is going to be my show. I am obligated financially to perform in this show. I came to the conclusion that I should take him up on the offer and go on this trip with him.

I see, so this isn't someone trying to move me. And just so you know, this is not someone telling Don Lemon, You have to move to the right. You must not be so … give such a significant amount of your viewpoint.' Nothing of the sort has taken place.

According to Lemon, the claims of a demotion were nothing more than "fodder" for Twitter.

I did not receive a demotion. None of that, was his response. Not only is this a promotion, but it's also a chance. This is a chance for me to create something that revolves around myself, and I get to work with two wonderful females, both of whom you are familiar with.

The shift of Don Lemon to mornings will leave CNN's prime-time lineup, which has not yet found a permanent successor for Chris Cuomo but will now have one more gaping vacuum as a result.

Cuomo was terminated from his position in December 2021 for assisting his troubled brother, the ex-governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, who was facing claims of sexual assault.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Newsmax.

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