CA Judges Forced into Pronoun Police Academy

In an eyebrow-raising turn of events, judges in California who deal with child abuse and neglect cases are now being required to attend a training session on all things LGBT. But hold onto your hats, folks, because it’s not just any training – it’s one that pushes judges to ponder whether parents who don’t jump on board with their child’s pronoun preferences should be stripped of custody! Yikes!

The training, dubbed “LGBTQ+ Considerations,” is a real doozy. It’s offered twice a year to judges handling juvenile dependency cases, and it aims to school judges on the ins and outs of youth gender identities. The presentation even warns judges about the dangers facing LGBTQ youth due to “biased or uninformed attitudes.” Keep an eye out for those pesky parents, judges!

One jaw-dropping scenario presented in the training asks judges to imagine a mother who objects to calling her 13-year-old daughter “Marco” and using male pronouns because of her religious beliefs. The nerve! The presentation quizzically asks judges how they would handle such a situation. Should the child be returned to the mother who’s otherwise squeaky clean but has a bone to pick with pronouns? Tough call, huh?

But hang on to your cowboy hats, because it doesn’t stop there. The training dives into another heart-pounder featuring a 16-year-old boy who now identifies as a girl named “Jasmine.” This “Jasmine” was shunted off to a boys’ living quarters because the girls just couldn’t handle it. What’s a judge to do when the uncomfortable teens come calling for justice?

Now, let’s toss in some glitzy facts: judges handling these dependency cases are legally required to undergo this training. California’s great idea factory, the legislature, decided in 2013 that judges needed a culture-comfy crash course in LGB-what-nots. But let’s not forget about those studies suggesting that affirming a child’s chosen gender doesn’t exactly sprinkle unicorn dust on mental health. Sounds like a real hoot, doesn’t it?

In a stunning plot twist, Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom – yes, that Newsom – vetoed a bill that would have dragged courts into the gender identity jamboree during custody disputes. Kudos to Gov. Newsom for realizing that courts already have their hands full with the child’s well-being without having to tiptoe around pronouns.

It’s quite the show in California. Who knew judges would be moonlighting as gender studies professors? But hey, don’t forget your gender-neutral popcorn, folks, because this saga is far from over!

Written by Staff Reports

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