California Gas Prices to Surge as State Imposes Stealth Tax Increase

California Gas Prices Set to Soar with Hidden Tax Hike, Warn Regulators

A new report from the California Air Resources Board reveals a sneaky plan that could raise gasoline and diesel prices by a whopping 50 cents per gallon in the state. This increase is on top of the tax hikes from Senate Bill 1 of 2017, which already upped gas and diesel taxes. By next year, drivers could be paying an extra $1.50 per gallon in taxes and fees. These hikes are part of the state’s efforts to implement the Low Carbon Fuel Standard reforms, which were introduced back in 2007.

Gas prices in California have skyrocketed in recent years, reaching all-time highs. Some gas stations have even hit nearly $10 per gallon, making California’s gas the priciest in the whole country. Governor Gavin Newsom has been quick to blame oil companies for these high prices, despite evidence pointing to the state’s own policies as the culprit. With Newsom’s push to ban gas and diesel vehicles by 2035 in favor of electric cars, it’s clear that his administration is on a mission against traditional fuel sources.

These sharp price hikes will disproportionately impact lower and middle-class families in California. As costs continue to rise across the board, gasoline is becoming unaffordable for many residents. Newsom’s agenda to phase out fossil fuels entirely shows a disregard for the economic well-being of his constituents. By driving up gas prices, he’s effectively making it harder for Californians to make ends meet, pushing them further into financial strain.

California’s ambitious plan to shift to green energy sources aligns with Newsom’s climate goals, but it comes at a steep cost for everyday citizens. The governor’s relentless pursuit of a fossil fuel-free future is driving up expenses for hardworking families who rely on gas-powered vehicles for their daily needs. As prices continue to climb, it’s evident that the burden falls on the shoulders of those least able to afford it.

Newsom’s anti-oil rhetoric and punitive policies not only harm California’s economy but also infringe on individuals’ freedom to choose how they power their vehicles. By imposing exorbitant taxes and fees on gas, the state government is essentially dictating what options its residents have, limiting their ability to make choices that best suit their needs. This heavy-handed approach not only restricts personal liberty but also places unnecessary strain on already struggling Californians.

California’s aggressive push towards a fossil fuel-free future is coming at a high cost to its residents. The hidden tax hike on gas prices will only exacerbate financial challenges for many Californians, particularly those in lower income brackets. Governor Newsom’s fixation on eliminating traditional fuel sources ignores the real-world impact on everyday people, pushing the state further towards economic inequality. It’s time for California to prioritize the well-being of its citizens over ideological pursuits that only serve to harm the very people they claim to protect.

Written by Staff Reports

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