Cardona Dismisses Parent Concerns: Biden’s Education Disaster?

Miguel Cardona, President Biden’s Secretary of Education, sat down for an interview with The Associated Press, and boy, did he really put his foot in his mouth! When asked about concerns from American parents regarding the leftward shift in their kids’ schools and curriculum, as well as the dangerous ideologies being pushed onto students, Cardona dismissed their worries like they were yesterday’s homework.

Cardona had the audacity to claim that he’s never seen attacks on public education like this before. Well, Mr. Secretary, maybe that’s because in the past, parents actually trusted schools to provide a well-rounded education instead of indoctrinating their children with radical ideas. It’s no wonder parents are raising their voices and demanding better for their kids.

But Cardona didn’t stop there. He went on to paint a rosy picture of the past, when there was “civility” and “healthy conversations” about what’s best for kids. Respectfully, Mr. Secretary, I think parents would disagree. They’re not misbehaving; they’re being proactive in ensuring their children’s safety and well-being. It’s their job as parents, after all.

And here’s where Cardona really let his true colors show. He made it clear that he has little respect for parents who dare question the education system. Can you believe it? The ones who devote their lives to protecting and nurturing their children aren’t worthy of his respect. It’s outrageous.

This just confirms what many conservatives have suspected all along: the Biden administration doesn’t care about parental concerns or what they believe is best for their own kids. They see any opposition as misbehaving and uncivil. It’s reminiscent of Terry McAuliffe’s disastrous campaign in Virginia, where he arrogantly proclaimed that parents shouldn’t have a say in what schools teach. Well, we all know how that turned out for him.

It’s clear that Team Biden is out of touch with the American people, especially parents. They seem to have forgotten that parents are the ones who know their children best and have their best interests at heart. Let’s hope they start listening and respect the vital role parents play in shaping their kids’ education, instead of dismissing them as misbehaving troublemakers.

Written by Staff Reports

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