CBP Nabs Mammoth 350lb Meth Haul from Mexico: Border Crisis Worsens

In a major win for border security, officers with U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Texas intercepted a whopping 354 pounds of methamphetamine at the border with Mexico. The seizure occurred when officers discovered the narcotics hidden in the bed of a pickup truck at the El Paso port. This just goes to show the incredible lengths that drug smugglers will go to in order to flood our country with dangerous drugs.

The truck, driven by a female Mexican national, was flagged by a CBP drug dog, who led authorities to the hidden compartment. Thanks to a Z-Portal X-ray scan, officers were able to detect the anomalies and uncover the foil-wrapped bundles containing the methamphetamine.

The driver was promptly arrested and handed over to the Texas Department of Public Safety to face charges. This is a huge blow to the drug smuggling operation and serves as a reminder that our border security efforts are crucial in keeping harmful drugs off our streets.

One can only imagine the devastation that these 354 pounds of methamphetamine could have caused if they had made it into our communities. Thankfully, the vigilance of CBP officers stopped this smuggler in her tracks. We must continue to support our law enforcement agencies and provide them with the resources they need to keep our borders secure.

Written by Staff Reports

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