CBS Deletes DISGUSTING Tweet After Backlash

Townhall reported that CBS was in hot water after it sent out a tweet about Sam Smith's performance of "Unholy," which was described by Elon Musk as an end-of-days kind of vibe. In the tweet, the network noted that Smith was dressed in all red while his co-star was in a cage.

A prominent television network in the US said it was "ready for worship" before a Hellish performance. The reaction was swift, with leftists criticizing those who dared to raise their voice against what they considered to be objectionable. It's not surprising that leftists would find this statement offensive.

The pressure was on, and by Tuesday, CBS had deleted its tweet. Many people found the network's tweet unbecoming.

Despite CBS' attempt to take back its tweet, Americans' questions and criticism about the network still remain.

Despite CBS' attempt to remove its tweet, we don't think the network has learned anything from it.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on TOWNHALL.

Written by Staff Reports

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