Charter Schools Crush Public Education in NYC, Dems Ignore Success

In the latest education news, it’s no surprise that the Democrats are up in arms about charter schools yet again. They continue to make baseless claims that charter schools lack accountability and disrupt public school environments. However, a recent analysis by the New York City Charter School Center has shown that charter school students have once again outperformed their public school counterparts in reading and math exams for grades 3 through 8. The differences are especially evident among black and Hispanic students, proving that charter schools continue to excel in providing quality education to historically underserved communities.

In 2023, New York City charter schools boasted higher proficiency rates than the district schools, and this trend has persisted for over 15 years. The gap in proficiency rates is undeniable, with charter schools outperforming district schools by 7 percentage points in reading and a whopping 13 percentage points in math. The charter sector also experienced larger gains in math proficiency rates between 2022 and 2023 compared to the district, further solidifying their position as leaders in math education. This “charter school instructional effect” in math has long been acknowledged, and it’s about time researchers and practitioners take notice of the successful methods employed by charter schools.

Black and Hispanic students in NYC charter schools, who make up the majority of enrolled students, continue to achieve significantly higher proficiency rates in both reading and math compared to their peers in district schools. The proficiency gaps are staggering and demand further investigation to truly understand the impactful difference charter schools are making in these communities.

Even children with disabilities are thriving in charter schools, with significantly higher pass rates in both reading and math compared to public schools. This success further demonstrates that charter schools are dedicated to providing inclusive and supportive environments for all students.

The New York Post reports that New York City is home to 274 charter schools, serving 142,500 students. The success of charter schools has not gone unnoticed, with families trusting these institutions for 25 years to prepare their children for success in the classroom and beyond. James Merriman, CEO of the NYC Charter School Center, emphasizes that charter school students consistently close proficiency gaps, outperform their peers, and excel year after year, especially those from historically underserved communities.

Success Academy, the city’s largest charter school network, has once again shown remarkable success with an 80.4 percent pass rate in English and a staggering 92.7 percent pass rate in math. It’s clear that charter schools like Success Academy are setting the bar high for academic achievement, with some schools even achieving a perfect 100 percent pass rate. In addition, the Classical Charter Schools in South Bronx have seen phenomenal success, further reinforcing the positive impact of charter schools on students, including English Language Learners and those with disabilities.

Despite the outstanding performance of charter schools, the state legislature has attempted to restrict the opening of new charter schools this year, parroting the criticisms of the United Federation of Teachers union. These efforts to impede the success of charter schools are a blatant disservice to the students they serve, and it’s time to recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievements of charter schools in providing quality education to all students.

Written by Staff Reports

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