Chicago Forced to Reverse Disastrous Vaccine Mandate – Employees Reinstated

An administrative law judge has ordered the city of Chicago to change its unfavorable judgment and restore the sacked workers who refused to get the COVID-19 vaccination. The city must also reimburse all missed earnings, plus interest. After Mayor Lori Lightfoot's vaccination order, over 20 unions representing municipal workers filed a claim for unfair labor practices, which led to this decision.

The decision of the administrative court is a significant win for the workers who resisted the abhorrent vaccination mandate and the unions that supported them. The union was required to be consulted before the city implemented its authority to compel vaccinations, even though the city was free to do so.

The court declared that while the policy stated that any infractions might lead to punishment up to and including termination, the city had a history of handling violations more leniently.

The jury's decision mandated that the city reinstate the impacted employees, clean their personnel files, and compensate them any lost wages or benefits they may have incurred as a result of their conduct, plus 7% interest. The unions will also bargain to maintain the policy's advantageous elements.

The main police union in the city, led by John Catanzara, applauded the decision and expressed his hope that it would become a city-wide policy moving ahead. Little dictators should be called out for their errors, and Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky praised the decision.

The spokesman for Mayor Lori Lightfoot slammed the decision, calling it "erroneous," and said the mayor's office is examining its options. If Lightfoot's office files an appeal, it will become clear in due course.

Written by Staff Reports

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