Chicago Mass Shooting: West Side Drive-By Injures 14 Including Many Children

On Halloween night, a gunshot left at least 14 people injured, many of them children, on Chicago's West Side.

The incident took place between South California Avenue and West Polk Street, the Chicago Police Department confirmed to Fox News Digital.

Three, eleven, and thirteen-year-old children were among those hurt, the police confirmed at a news conference. According to police, the other gunshot victims were all adults. Authorities said that in addition to the gunshot victims, a person was reportedly struck by a vehicle.

The victim of the vehicle accident received no more information from the police.

Pod camera footage, according to Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown, shows at least one automobile and two gunmen opening fire on a throng that had gathered at the crossroads for a vigil.

According to police, the drive-by shooting barely lasted three seconds and the perpetrators shot indiscriminately into the gathering. According to Brown, no suspects have been detained and it's unknown why the incident occurred.

Police indicated that no fatalities have been associated with the incident as of yet. Victims were described by police as being in "various conditions."A witness informed FOX 32 Chicago that while he began assisting the wounded, there weren't enough emergency cars there to transport a hurt youngster.

The witness said, ""We picked up another girl, a little girl, about 13, and we brought her to that ambulance," "But the ambulance driver said, 'No, we can't bring her in because you have people worse.' So we just sat her on the bumper."

The same eyewitness said that a little girl with a gunshot wound beneath her knee was located and sent to a local hospital. Additionally, he spotted a grown guy who had supposedly suffered a head wound.

The guy said "He was on the ground and they were saying he was shot in the head, and he had blood everywhere,"

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Fox News.

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