Sen. Tom Cotton Absolutely Owns CBS Anchor On Paul Pelosi Story

Almost a week after the violent attack on Paul, the husband of House Speaker Nancy, the usual suspects on the left still blame Republicans and election denialism for the incident.
Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, on the CBS Mornings program, had none of Tony Dokoupil's nonsense when it came to blaming the attack on David DePape, who was accused of attacking Paul. Dokoupil insisted that the attack was carried out by people who are always looking for ways to undermine the presidential elections.

When Dokoupil asked Cotton about his reaction to the incident, he said that he wished Paul a full recovery and that the book would be made about DePape. He noted that if California's immigration laws were enforced properly, DePape would not have been able to attack the House speaker.

Cotton then went on to say that the book should be made about the person who tried to kill Brett Kavanaugh and those who are disrupting the justices' homes. He noted that these people are breaking federal law.

Cotton brought up instances of violence and left-wing threats, which Dokoupil did not like. He tried to steer the discussion back to the story he was trying to tell. Dokoupil then asked Cotton about the rising temperature in the country and the amount of misinformation being spread. He noted that the country is going to see more political violence. He also said that people in his own party are worried about this.

Cotton then tried to shut Dokoupil down, saying that calling out people to stop campaigning is not the answer to the attack on Nancy. In response to the attack on Nancy, Cotton noted that both parties are being attacked by deranged individuals. He went on to say that the easiest way to stop these types of crimes is by getting tough on crime. He noted that it is not ideal to stop campaigning during the middle of a campaign.

Dokoupil then tried to find out from Cotton if he blamed election denialism for the attack on Nancy. Cotton hit back, saying that he did not blame the false claims about the presidential elections for the incident.

In response to your questions, Dokoupil noted that he did not see a connection between the attack on Nancy and the statements made by people who are denying the results of the 2020 presidential election. He also noted that the actions of these individuals and the political rhetoric in the country do not have a connection.

Cotton noted that he was no more connected to the incident than to Chuck Schumer, who went to the Supreme Court and stated that if Judge Kavanaugh had issued rulings that he disagreed with, he would not have known what hit him. A left-wing hitman then showed up at the house of the judge to kill him. The best way to stop these types of crimes is by getting tough on crime.

After Dokoupil stopped his biased questioning, he started talking about Cotton's new book. The original purpose of the interview was to talk about Cotton's new book.

I believe that Cotton is one of the most underrated members of the Republican Party when it comes to fighting against the media. He has a great knowledge of how to do so in real-time.
It's important that the Republican Party gets it right when it comes to talking about the incident involving Nancy Pelosi. It should avoid falling into the traps that the media and Democrats are setting.

The attack on Nancy should be condemned, and it should be used as an example to other Republicans who are not happy with how the elections are conducted. However, this shouldn't be used as a way to attack those who are genuinely concerned about how the country is being run. Free speech is supposed to be a privilege, but it only leads to one road that we should never take.

It’s just that simple.

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