Dems Finally Realize Biden CANNOT Be The 2024 Candidate

The situation is dire for Democrats. All polls (as of this writing, one week before the election) are moving sharply against them. Two obstinate laggards, CNN and NPR, released their final polls on Wednesday morning, both of which showed a three-point GOP advantage. Even though they are reluctant to acknowledge it, individuals on the left are aware that the bell is tolling.

What is Joe Biden doing now? He travelled to Florida on Tuesday and gave a speech that was possibly his most demented to date, but it was up against some stiff competition. It's very challenging for me to summarise all of his "moments," but I'll try.

Biden made several false statements, including that his son had died in Iraq, that Hurricane Ian was named "Ivan," that he had spoken to the inventor of insulin, that both men had died before he was born, that he had forgotten what FEMA stands for, that he had admitted prices were rising, that he had lied about reducing the deficit, that he had hilariously attempted to speak in "Southern," and that inflation in the United States was higher than in other nations.

That is exactly what he stated.

As usual, his general behaviour indicated senility, and it's troubling that this is now accepted as normal. Then there was the IV-looking sore that was discovered on his hand.

You should probably visit an eye doctor if the image isn't yet clear. Democrats must grasp that Biden cannot be the party's nominee in 2024, and I believe they are beginning to do so.

In that address, Biden made considerably more than two "verbal fumbles," as I demonstrated above to correct Maggie Haberman, but I digress. You can avoid clicking on two of the country's most liberal periodicals by focusing on the general tenor of the stories rather than their specific content. And it is the key idea. A week before a midterm election, these two of the most liberal news organisations in the country—and by far the two most significant—are publishing pieces that argue Joe Biden is unqualified for the position he currently holds.

In terms of timing, that is hardly a coincidence. When it comes to 2024, Democrats are beginning to freak out as they can already see the writing on the wall. They cannot permit Biden to be the nominee, but with his obstinacy and the support of his extremely ambitious wife, who will not relinquish the White House, things are made more difficult.

How do they expel him? How do they accomplish this without formally nominating Kamala Harris, who would be a dreadful choice in 2024? Furthermore, if they are successful in ousting Biden, it must happen quickly in order to give him enough time to recover before the presidential election cycle. Democrats have painted themselves into a position, and I don't envy them.

Biden won't voluntarily leave the situation. He worked in politics his entire life, trying to get elected president. When Democrats were desperate to run an establishmentarian, he repeatedly missed the mark until succeeding. Now that they are stuck with him, you will see a slow escalation of the demonization of Biden after this year's election. Democrats and their press friends are aware of what needs to be done now that the gloves have been removed and the knives have been sharpened. It's about to turn ugly.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Red State.

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